Process ?

The process is very simple. You fill the form here. Our team will call you and discuss the details.
You sign the agreement, pay the security deposit, purchase the required devices and equipments, hire the manpower, setup the office and get started with the customers delivery.

Security Deposit ?

25,000 INR security deposit to be paid, which is refundable if you ever decide to close the franchise account and that is only refunded, provided you don’t have any pending accounts with JetSpot.

Investment ?

Devices ~ 1,00,000 INR
Equipments ~ 2,00,000 INR

Anything else do you I need ?

You need to hire man power and send them to Bhubaneswar, so we can train them. If you need us to visit your city and train them, that price can be quoted separately.
For the devices and equipments first setup, one time setup charges of 25,000 INR is charged.
You need to have a proper customer care team with 2 persons with dedicated WhatsApp and contact number or helpline toll free number.

Any training provided ?

Yes, we will train your team in bhubaneswar for 3-5 working days to understand the whole process.

Equipments Required ?

Network devices
Fiber maintenance equipments
Solar power backup devices

Monthly Recurring Expense ?

You will need to pay a fixed 30,000+GST per month to GST until your total billing of customers becomes 60,000+GST at your end.
Once it crosses that mark, then it will be 50%-50% system.
Normally you hit the mark of 60000, as soon as you have close to 70-100 customers.

Commission ?

Its straight 50% of what the customer pays for the internet rental.
And for the installation charges, its all yours, you keep what you charge them. Jetspot donot install anything, so they dont take anything from the installation.

Documents ?

GST certificate
PAN Card
Adhar Card
Signed Agreement

Taxation ?

The whole revenue needs to be deposited to JetSpot account only and Jetspot will credit the 50% of it to you in the end of the month after deducting TDS.

How the support works ?

Installation, Support everything needs to be done by you. Only for technical issues, which cannot be solved by you, JetSpot team may look into it.

How the payments work ?

Customers will have the option to pay their bills online. Even if anyone choose to pay manually by cash, you may collect it and deposit to JetSpot account only.
All the customer rental payments has to come to JetSpot account only.

Optional Addons

If you want to have the best possible setup with best possible experience for your customers, then you might be interested for those two addons, which are highly recommended :
1. Router setup 1,00,000 INR
2. IPv4 or IPv6 50,000 INR per year

More questions ?

call 7538009906/7538009904 or email cs@jetspot.in