How do I get started as a JetSpot Franchise ?

Its very simple!
You will need to understand how it works and then meet our account managers at our HQ. Once you are clear, convinced and ready to roll, the agreement signatures and documents verification, background check and credibility check would be done and post that, your port activation will be done or processed depending on your application type.

What is the investment required ?

JetSpot Joining Fees ₹25,000 is mandatory as that includes initial consulting, your staff training and your NOC control room setup.
If you are an existing service provider who has the experience of the above items, then you may save this joining fees.

Post that, we will prepare a list of equipments and services, which you will need to purchase to get started as a Jetspot Franchise. Investment figure will vary depending on various factors, it can range from 5L to any figure, depending on your plan of action.

What all equipments do I need to buy ?

We will prepare a list for you and you will need to purchase them all. The major parts are NOC equipments, your access network equipments and the IP Block from IRINN.

Any recurring expenses for the franchise ?

Your equipments once you purchase are yours and you can simply start using them.
For the IP Block purchase, you will need to renew it every year and it costs ₹25,000+GST.

How much time does take to go live as a franchise ?

If you are someone from Bhubaneswar, then you can go live in less than a week, as we have our nodes in every part of the city almost, so we can give you a port from the node and you will need to pull fiber from our node till your control room.

If you are outside Bhubaneswar, then the minimum time to go live is 30-40 working days, as we have to order the NLD for your location.

Any minimum guarantee required per month ?

If you are within bhubaneswar, there is no minimum guarantee required.

If you are outside Bhubaneswar, then the minimum guarantee payment per month is ₹50,000 + GST.

Whats the commission levels ?

If your total billing is less than 2L+GST in our CRM, then you are eligible to earn 40% commission.

If your total billing is more than 2L+GST in our CRM, then you are eligible to earn 50% commission.

How do I get paid ?

JetSpot Franchise works in wallet process/method.
Whatever you recharge your wallet with, it will only deduct the defined % during every recharge and rest stays in your wallet, which is how you earn the profit. Contact our account manager to understand it better.

What are the benefits of being JetSpot Franchise ?

Reliability. Uptime. Support.

Those are the 3 major factors, for which operators prefer to be a part of JetSpot. JetSpot work process is clean and transparent.

For small franchise operators, we only arrange 1 way NLD, but as you grow, we arrange dual path NLD for our operators to offer 100% uptime to their customers.

Whats our profit part ?

Every customer you install, you may charge him whatever you want and thats your earning. JetSpot has no role in your installation and onsite services and support or installation.

So, you invest on their installation equipments and charge them whatever you want.

Also, your earn 40-50% of each rental paid by the customer depending on your commitment type to JetSpot.

How is it better for cable operators ?

Cable Operators already having fiber network, can get started immediately without any heavy investment. Thats the best part 🙂

Cable operators mostly work with organization who are highly unorganized or do illegal practices.
Here, you are only welcome, if you commit to work ethically and in an organized manner.

In cable TV business, the cable operators hardly earn ₹50-₹100 per customer only.
While being associated with JetSpot, you can earn easily ₹400-₹1000 per customer also or even more.
There is no stopping!

Whose bill do we give to our customers ?

For installation, onsite services and support, whatever billing is required, the franchise has to do in his company bill.

For the internet rental only, JetSpot Bill would be generated automatically and emailed to the customer, as soon as you renew the customer.

Whom to contact during downtime of JetSpot link ?

JetSpot will associate a dedicated account manager to you, once your agreement is signed.
So, if there is a disruption in main link services, you may call him or email him and he will delegate it ahead.

Who will support our customers ?

JetSpot support ends at BTS port, where JetSpot does the delivery. Post that, you are on your own.
You will need to support your customers and handle any L2 issues whatsoever.
JetSpot NOC team would be only available for any L3 issues or questions or tickets.

Will JetSpot deliver the feed till our control room ?

JetSpot will only deliver the port till their node or BTS.
Post that, its the responsibility of the franchise to pull fiber from the BTS till his control room.